Mercedes-Benz Dealership Immersive

2017 USA / 2018 CANADA


Touchscreen Experience

Creative & Experience Director
Design Lead
Content Strategist

Mercedes asked our team to create digital products to modernize their dealerships and bridge gaps in their customer journey. After conducting research with three New York metro area dealerships and prospective customers, we saw a disconnect between online research and the in-dealership experience. I led design for a large scale 4K multi-touch canvas that featured Mercedes-Benz web tools and brand content to assist with sales and customer engagement.

Product as Hero

Mercedes vehicles are front and center in the experience to facilitate web based conversations between dealers and customers. Web content for vehicle details open at an ergonomic width on screen to keep all selectable content within reach.


Brand Discovery

Discover Mercedes-Benz is the content showcase of the experience. Eight categories are features: AMG, Design, Environment, Innovation, Lifestyle, Ownership, Performance and Safety. Interaction is intuitive tapping and dragging along the infinite canvas.


The program has been activated across the fleet of Mercedes-Benz dealerships in the US and Canada — approximately 350 locations in total. For the Canadian audiences, the experience content was translated to be dual language. The Immersive touchscreen has also been extended to be featured at pop-up store locations, brand events and major auto-shows across North America.

Motion Design: Fyn Ng & Myles Bryan
Design Support: Lucious Smith, Matheus Meneghel & Stephany Gill
Project Management: Betsy Spain
Tech Leadership: Steve Dawson & Wells Caughey
Development: Joel Johnson
+ Strategic Support from NY office leads: Kyle Outlaw & Sylvia Wehrle

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